The Panel Pros Building System could greatly benefit any of your projects.

Our building system is highlighted by such superior attributes as speed of construction, energy efficiency, strength and design flexibility. Panel Pros Building System is predicated on the “panelized” philosophy. Panel Pros panelizes the floor system with pre-assembled Trus Joist® components: I-joists, insulated rim board and OSB decking to quickly install and build floor decks in sections of 8’ wide by any necessary length. Our walls and roofs are constructed out of Insulspan Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs)®. Insulspan SIPs are three major components of your structure in one; the frame, the insulation and your sheathing. The Insulspan SIP is an 8’ x 24’ skin of OSB laminated to each side of an EPS foam mold, which comes in varying thicknesses. This panel allows for up to 192 square feet of wall or roof area to be framed, insulated and sheathed in one step. As well as being the most effective method of construction to meet and exceed energy efficient requirements for green building under LEED, GBG and Energy Star guidelines.

The Panel Pros Building System is comprised of three major structural components:

  • The structural floor system that is panelized out of TrusJoist engineered wood products, such a Silent Floor I-joists and structure gold OSB decking.
  • The wall system, which is in place of traditional 2x studs and fiberglass, is created from the Insulspan SIPs. A faster stronger and more efficient method of building a structural shell.
  • As well the roof system that is constructed out of Insulspan SIPs as well.

    Distribution of many quality products such as:

    • Foam
    • Sealants
    • SIP tape
    • SIP screws
    • Splines
    • Insulated Headers
    • Weather Wrap
    • Roofing materials
    • Siding Materials
    • Interior Partitions
    • Interior Stairs (for construction)
    • Wire Molds
    • Hangers
    • LVLs
    • Parallams
    • Trusses
    • Heavy Timber Trusses
    • Pine finishes
    • Among many others ...

    INSULSPAN #1 in SIPs
    Named the Most Preferred and Recognized Brand to builders nationwide
    by Professional Builder Magazine.

    Our Customers Say:

    We are thoroughly delighted! Both the frame and panel crews did a great job and were extremely capable and professional. Also, we were impressed with your willingness to assist with our planning and design (and re-design) work. -- satisfied customer

    You can tell my house in the neighborhood -- it's the one with the snow on the roof. I didn't really believe all those claims about energy efficiency but they are true! The worst utility bill this summer was $119... The neighbors' utility bills [are] hundreds of dollars per month! -- Bob, Darnestown, MD

    “As far as the technology goes, I would never go back to the traditional framed construction after experiencing the comfort level and energy efficiency of this method.” Frank B.,
    Martha’s Vineyard, MA
    “Thought you'd like to know we just received our energy star certification for our house in Norwich. We are certified as 5 Star-plus with a HERS rating of 41. Efficiency Vermont tells us that's within the top 5% of Energy Star homes they've rated in Vermont.
    “The combined great work of Panel Pros and our general contractor, Peter Ginty, has resulted in a home where (my) family will feel toasty warm for the years to come - not just temperature-wise but also knowing we've done the right thing for the environment in energy efficiency.” – Gerry T., Norwich, VT
    “Your SIP panels and the radiant heat provides us with a tight and even environment that is just great. We appreciate it even more since this is a very windy area by the ocean.” Norman B.,
    Westport, MA



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