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Do you understand how chat GPT changes everything?

With Chat GPT and AI your digital life will be turned upside down and be unrecognizable in a year. Traditionally, websites like google serve up links with hopefully the answers you are looking for. But it’s never been so bold, except in the simplest cases, to serve up a declarative statement of “here’s your answer”. It just has not been that good…until now.

Chat GPT doesn’t bother you with its sources. It’s so confident in its answers it just dishes them up, ala Star Trek style. Starting now and at an ever-dizzying pace you will interact with the worlds knowledge just how science fiction has been predicting for the past 80 years. You ask a question and it (whatever it is) serves up an answer.

It’s already good enough to debug code, pass elements of the bar exam and pass the US Medical Licensing Exam. Tech is frantically figuring out all the ways it can bring up the collective population of the world to that of a college graduate and further part us from our money. Just imagine.

Microsoft just announced a $10bn investment into chat GPT and all other tech companies are shifting their budgets to compete.

The new goldrush though is going to be in getting your companies data (and all other data for that matter) in a format that the AI can draw from and serve up to a consumer in a useful way. We don’t just want to consume text. We the consumer want 3d assets, video, music, art, technical drawings, answers to hard questions and more. All our digital data must be transformed and made edible by our new AI overlords.

How long do I have to wait until I can ask to see Bob Villa teach my daughter how to use a hula-hoop? C’mon google, get on it! Imagine, a fast and furious movie that I can order up with any plot line I want, any day of the week? I guarantee my great-great-great grand kids will be watching original movies starring Dewayne Johnson 200 years from now. Fast & Furious is dead, long live Fast & Furious.

Practically speaking though, in the very near future AI will look at your grocery lists and spending habits and offer up useful suggestions. You’ll be able to request simple databases be written and it will extend to your PC and apps in subtle ways. Instead of writing an excel formula, just tell excel what you want. Hopefully you’ll be able to tell if its doing what you want though.

That all sounds great but none of us like the way the media and big tech influence our culture, and their influence are about to only get bigger.

And that’s the rub. Right now, you don’t know the AI’s sources to the answers its serving up, and never likely will. Why would the wizard pull back the curtain? Eventually AI will likely just come down to how much you trust it. It’s sad, but you’ll probably be able to determine which bot a person gets their answers from by the way they talk. It will be akin to having a pretty good idea as to what news sources a person gets their information from now. Just imagine all the ways we can be manipulated in the future!


Chat GPT


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