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PanelPros Build Process

Large complex bills of materials, and part availability issues only add to your headaches.

Send us your documentation or panel concept and we’ll take care of the rest. From sourcing difficult to find parts, to PLC programming and validation we make it easy for you.

Your panel problems become our opportunity to shine.

Experience less headaches when you outsource your control panels so you can focus on what you do best

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Our Build Process

Our panel build process sets Panel Pros apart from the competition. The result is a hassle-free partner who is a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.


It starts with our unique ability to source components quickly. We have an extensive national network of component distributors and OEMs we leverage to save you time and money.

If your parts are not available, we will work with you to find a suitable substitute. Or you can empower Panel Pros to act on your behalf so you can focus on what you do best.


As parts are received, we kit in advance, so assemblies go fast.

As soon as the cabinet and backplane arrive, we get ahead by making holes and cutting items to length in preparation for assembly.


With all parts in hand, we go about attaching and mounting all panel components into the cabinet and onto the back plane.

Wires are then routed to print with exceptional craftsmanship. Care is taken to properly torque all connection points and terminating all wires using industry best practices.

Special attention is also given to clean wire routing and properly marking all wires, so your panel not only works well, but looks great!


Our extensive 25-point inspection program is used to make sure everything is 100% ready before applying power.

Once powered on we validate all IO are functioning as expected and install any software required.

The unit is then power cycled several times and left on under power for 24 hours under a low mechanical vibration. This helps identify any weak cable connections and premature failure points before shipment.

Shipment and Delivery

Your panels are securely wrapped and secured for safe on-time delivery.

Necessary documentation, including drawings, manuals and more are always delivered with your panel.

After delivery, we are there for you to make to ensure no issues and things work as expected.

100% satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Panel Pros employs a full staff of electrical, controls and mechanical engineers dedicated to the design of industrial control panels and systems. From architecture to programming to detailed design, we use UL508a best practices and decades of experience to produce well thought out and cost-effective industrial control panels for any situation.

We consider part availability, industry trends and think of the small details, so you don’t have to. Panel Pros listens and presents options many of our clients have not thought of.

Our design services are your secret weapon to lowering your costs.

Offload your panel designing today!


Your equipment’s may be getting old and harder to service. What if the mechanical stuff is working fine but you just can’t maintain the electrical controls anymore?

Call Panel Pros and we will design, build, and install a new controls architecture and control panel to breathe new life into your old machine.

From simple sensor additions to a full-blown control panel replacement Panel Pros is your secret weapon for keeping your equipment running long into the future.

Give us a call today!

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