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Your equipment’s may be getting old and harder to service. What if the mechanical stuff is working fine but you just can’t maintain the electrical controls anymore?

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Call Panel Pros And We Will Design

Call Panel Pros and we will design, build, and install a new controls architecture and control panel to breathe new life into your old machine.

From simple sensor additions to a full-blown control panel replacement Panel Pros is your secret weapon for keeping your equipment running long into the future.



Have Panel Pros add that special sensor or feature to your machine so you can get more done with less. SCADA integration, sensor additions, PLC changes? Panel Pros is the go-to experts for enhancing your equipment today.

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Controls Replacements

Ever have a machine that works fine but controls are now out of date and it keeps you up because it's getting hard and hard to maintain? Contact Panel Pros about upgrading your controls and get another 15 years out of your equipment. Upgrading is also a great time to make those improvements you always wanted. Panel Pros team of engineers are standing by ready to evaluate and recommend a course of action to keep you running

Blogs & News

Welcome to the greatest blog in the universe about industrial control panels.

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